Corporate Carbon Footprint Verification Case Study: Leading Apparel and Textile Manufacturer

Our client is the largest Apparel and Textile manufacture in South Asia with an annual turnover of US$2Bn. The organisation is headquartered in South Asia with 53 manufacturing facilities across 16 countries.

The Challenge

The company takes the impact of its operations on Climate Change very seriously and was looking at ways to reduce these impacts.

One way of doing this was to calculate the carbon footprint of its business operations and look at ways of reducing this.

We are asked to verify the emissions of the business operations and provide external assurance of these data. The company chose to have a number of sites audited per year and which formed part of a long term audit program.

Our Solution

Due to the number of sites which the company has, it was not possible to audit all of them on an annual basis. As such, the first part of our work was to rank the sites in terms of emissions and focus on the highest emitting sites first.

Our work was conducted according to the International Standard ISO 14064. We conducted on-site audits where we not only looked at the data and supporting evidence but also the process operations. The objective being to identify areas where the energy use and hence emissions could be reduced. Further opportunities such as the use of biomass were also explored.

The Outcome