Sustainable Resources

Sustainable Biomass

What is Sustainable Biomass?

Sustainable biomass describes any type of biomass, which, by certification has been recognised to be sustainably produced and distributed. Sustainable biomass provides means to meet the increasing demands for fuels and other products.

Scopes of Sustainable Biomass Certification

Benefits of Certification

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Mandatory certification according to the EU Renewable Energy Directive

Voluntary Certification

Sustainable Forestry

What is Sustainable Forestry?

Sustainable Forestry balances the needs of the environment, wildlife, and forest communities —supporting decent livelihoods while conserving our forests for generations to come.

Chain of Custody

Chain of Custody” (COC) product certification relates to wood from certified forests and forest management. This particularly affects the following stages within the supply chain:

Benefits of Certification

Certified companies demonstrate commitment to the environment and to ethical behaviour. At the same time, the wood can be clearly identified at any time and at all stages of processing and trading. Inspection and certification  provides clear benefits to the customer and market partners, such as:

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