Greenhouse Gas Projects Case Study: Leading Oil and Gas Company

Our client is a global company operating in the Oil and Gas sector. As the company is a fuel supplier within Europe they must comply with the European Fuel Quality Directive (FQD). This requires fuel suppliers to reduce the carbon footprint of the fuel which they supply by 6%.

The Challenge

Our client has operations globally and supplies petrol and diesel via their forecourts in many European countries. They are therefore required to comply with the FQD or face fines in the millions of Euros.

One manner in which the 6% reduction can be achieved is by developing emission reduction projects, anywhere in the world and which are upstream of the refinery. These emissions are termed Upstream Emissions Reductions (UER) and can be used for the companies own compliance or traded.

Our Solution

We provided the client with validation and verification services.

In the case of validation our role was to confirm that the project had been developed in line with the International Standards and Methodologies which the FQD requires.

Where Verification was carried, our role was to confirm that the UER’s generated by the projects are in fact correct and have been calculated according to the International standards required.

The Outcome