Project Design Document (PDD) Development

The client operates in the Oil and Gas Industry and was keen to reduce the amount of gas which is being flared at one of their offshore platforms.

The Challenge

The client was keen to develop a project under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), which is one of the Internationally recognised Greenhouse Gas reduction programs.

The new project involved transporting the gas, which was previously flared to a newly built onshore gas processing plant.

We worked closely with the client’s Engineering and Operational teams to understand the new project and to ensure that it actually qualified as a CDM project.

Our Solution

We developed a PDD which was fully compliant with the appropriate CDM Methodology.

As with all CDM projects, the concept of Additionality, is very important and especially for projects which could be argued are in contentious sectors. We formed very robust arguments as to why this project should be approved and derive the consequential benefits.

These types of projects are approved by the United Nations or by European Governments- depending on the purpose of the project. It is mandatory that the projects are validated and verified by an Independent UN accredited auditing company.

The Outcome